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Update by user Oct 19, 2011

They were sealed, in the box, with the paper, and still had the beads in it.... One shoe is completely fine....

this is the only one that turned yellow. Seal all my Jordans and this is the only one (one shoe that is) that turned yellow.....

Manufacture error? I think so!

Update by user Oct 19, 2011

I purchased these shoes from Finish Line.... reputable store.... call nike and they dont give a ***...

Original review posted by user Oct 19, 2011

I purchased a pair of Jordans True Flight and I took them out of my closet today cause I wanted to wear them.... take this in to mind, I have worn them maybe 4 times.

The shoe is Yellow, I called Nike and they pretty much told me to *** myself, they cant do anything about it cause they are over 2 years old. Are you kidding me, you pay for shoes to last. Jordans are not cheap but obviously cheaply made. Makes you think twice about wanting to purchase another Jordan again.

Pissed off customer. Thank you for being a valued customer NOT....

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They were sealed.... and still in the box with the paper and the beads....

I keep all my jordans like this. But this is the only pair that decided they wanted to turn yellow.

why is it that shoes that r older then this pair arent yellow..... maybe a manufacture error?!


Even expensive shoes turn yellow, its called oxidation. If you were planing to keep them put away for so long, you should have kept them in an air tight bag with silica beads(the little bags that come in the shoe box).

They keep he oxygen and moisture at bay. :roll

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