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took my money via westerunion and didnt send a thing scam scam scam there web shows hundreds of jordans but they do not have any its just a big scam the company is in china so im pretty mutched screwed they took 150.00us dollars and ran western union cant do a dam thing about it i have sent over 100 emails with not a single response is there e mail adress i hope eveybody and there mother sends them junk mail pieces of *** i hope they choke on rice !!!!!! www.air stay away

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Altamont, New York, United States #253732

i wish i have seen this before, is this the same site as they took $186 from me and didnt get anything!!!!they answer e-mails only to tell you "ok its on the way" been 2 months now and i still got nothing.

scammers!!!! so beware folks!!!!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #121459 is a scam! fake!I also was took for 200.00 via western union to this site.being that the company is in china they just change there address and company name every couple of months after they have scamed people of who knows how mutch money ? :( its been months now and still nothing & they dont answer emails

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